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Plantain in Season: A Cheaper Source of Carbohydrates

  Plantains are currently in Season. Plantains are starchy fruits. They are a cheaper source of carbohydrates (now that they are in season). Unlike the […]

Can Tiger Nut Milk Be a Replacement for Cow Milk?

Tiger Nut or Yellow nutsedge is a tuber (like yam is a tuber) and technically not a nut as in the case of groundnut.  It, […]

Gbanunu Soup – A traditional Medicinal Soup from Ondo (Modified recipe)

This is my interpretation of the Gbanunu Soup. Gbanunu means ‘colon cleanser’. Gbanunu soup is a traditional Soup from Ondo State. This soup is also […]

Have You Heard About Marugbo Leaves (Clerodendrum volubile)?

Have you ever heard about Marugbo Leaves; Clerodendrum volubile? This is a vegetable that you should have in your foods. Marugbo leaf is also called […]

How to Make Egusi Ijebu – Modified Traditional Recipe

I ate Egusi Ijebu for the first time in Ibadan at my Aunty’s house about 12 years ago. It was interestingly a common dish in […]

10 Common Nigerian Food Crops That Are Still Under-Utilized

  There are many crops that we use as food in Nigeria. We value some of these Food crops because of just their leaves, fruits, […]

Akara-Ojojo Snack: Finger Food for your Family

This finger food creation – Akara-Ojojo Snack –  was accidental. I was going to make some Akara on a Saturday morning using  processed beans flour […]

Indigenous Breakfast Meal: Tapioca Pudding

One of the gifts I got during the week was Tapioca. Tapioca pudding is something that I ate during my childhood days and while it […]

The Real Star Fruit

Have you ever seen this fruit before? It is called the Star fruit. Some people have referred to Agbalumo as the Star fruit, however, this […]

Street Food Alert: Boiled Cassava And Coconut Snack (Abacha Mmiri Na Aku Oyibo)

Once in a while, I see a vendor hawking Boiled Cassava and Coconut snack on streets in Lagos. Sometimes, I see some being sold in […]

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