My name is Yeside and I am a Nutrition Scientist. My enthusiasm about food drives me to e-libraries, journals, articles, archives, blogs and others searching for evidence-based information about food especially Nigerian food.

I love to cook nutritious meals. Please take note that I am not a Chef ( I can cook decent and very satisfactory meals for my family like the ordinary Nigerian woman) but my cooking here is to show examples of some of the things that I preach. So, recipes and pictures will be showing up intermittently.

Being a researcher, I am very much aware that having the ‘best’ foods on your plate does not necessarily translate to a healthy body or life. The way you process and prepare foods also determines how well the nutrients contained in them are available for your body to utilize. This platform therefore promises to explore the right ways and best procedures for processing and preparing your foods for their maximum utilization.

I will also explore some underutilized foods in Nigeria that have great nutritional value and will create some recipes as well as look at ways some cultures are utilizing these foods.

In a nutshell, I am bringing the science of nutrition to you in a way that you can use credible evidence-based information to better your nutrition and that of your family.

I am also a writer. I write both fiction and non-fiction all for the purpose of eating better and living better.

Guys, feedback would be great. Please do not hesitate to comment, share information as well as add your cents to our discussions here.

My catch phrase is “eat better, live better”.

God bless,

Yeside Adesiyun, MPH