Category: Everyday Nutrition

6 Ways to Prevent and Manage Oxidative stress

How do you prevent and manage Oxidative stress? Like many stressors in life, the most important thing is to get rid of it or manage […]

What is in your African Star Apple, Agbalumo?

What is in your  African Star Apple, Agbalumo? A number of people know that Agbalumo is a good source of Vitamin C and possible calcium, […]

Your Fried fish ‘Eja Dindin’ May Not have Enough Omega 3

Your deep-fried fish ‘Eja dindin’ may not have enough omega 3 fatty acids. That is if it is a fatty fish and it is deep-fried. […]

Be Healthy Africa is One

It is one year today that I started this blog and I am ecstatic that it’s still a priority for me. This is a project […]

World Day for Social Justice: Social Justice and Nutrition

February 20 marks the World day for Social Justice. It is good to think about Social justice because it is at the centre of promoting […]

4 Healthy Food Cultures to Adopt from Around the World

Food is culture. Food culture is about the values, beliefs and practices that guide the food choices of a group of people. This is about […]

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do With Plastics

I am highlighting 5 things that you shouldn’t do with plastic. Plastics are synthetic materials used for diverse things. For this article, I am looking […]

The Best Strategy for Weight Loss

To lose weight is one of the most popular goals people set at the beginning of the year. This goal fuels the weight loss industry, […]

Keeping African Foods Safe For Consumption – An Interview With The CEO Of Grow West Africa

As a nutritionist passionate about indigenous foods, I encourage people to eat more of local produce especially fruits and vegetables. A key aspect of any […]

6 Ways to Eat Healthy on the Go

Eating healthy can be a challenge when you are super busy or always on the-go. You find people who say they eat ‘whenever they can’ […]

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