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What Is The Best Way To Eat Your Groundnuts?

Groundnuts have been in season in Nigeria for a while. You will find heaps of raw unshelled groundnuts being sold in large basins in the […]

What is Semolina made from? Is it Nutritious?

Semolina is a product that has come to stay in Nigeria. It has become a popular stiff porridge or ‘swallow’ and it is popularly called […]

5 Reasons Why You Need To Diversify Your Meals

Diversifying your meals entails eating from a wide range of food groups. Depending on the classification, there are many food groups with a wide range […]

5 Important Reasons to include Legumes in your Meals

Legumes are plants or seeds of the Fabaceae Family. These are so popular all around the world for its many benefits, both for humans and […]

Celebrating and Reflecting on the International Workers’ Day

Today, the international workers’ day, is a holiday in many parts of the world. It is only right to take the time to celebrate all […]

Dad’s Nutrition and Health Can Affect Health of Baby Too

It is well known that the health of a mother before conception and during pregnancy affects the health outcome of the baby. A mother who […]

Do You Need To Eat For Two During Pregnancy?

Do you need to eat for two during pregnancy? Many times, you hear pregnant women say “you know I’m eating for two…” but is this […]

How To Fact-check Nutrition and Health Information before Using and Sharing

Second of April is the International Fact-Checking Day and I thought it wise to share some wisdom about this before the week passes. There are […]

Why you should include Cloves in your Foods and Drinks

Herbs and spices have become very important to our everyday nutrition. This is not just because they add amazing flavors to our food and drinks […]

6 Ways to Protect Yourself from Food Fraud

I recently read an article on Food fraud written by the founder of AACE Foods, Ndidi Nwuneli and I thought that it would be good […]

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