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Are You Eating any of these Cereals? Be Careful!

Processed and ready-to-eat cereals are popularly consumed because of the nutrition and convenience they provide for children, parents and every other individual who wants to […]

6 Ways to Protect Yourself from Food Fraud

I recently read an article on Food fraud written by the founder of AACE Foods, Ndidi Nwuneli and I thought that it would be good […]

Keeping African Foods Safe For Consumption – An Interview With The CEO Of Grow West Africa

As a nutritionist passionate about indigenous foods, I encourage people to eat more of local produce especially fruits and vegetables. A key aspect of any […]

Are Salads Always Healthy?

Grilled Wara Salad Salads have been synonymous with health in the past. Salads featured fresh vegetables and were eaten as a side dish all over […]

Dundun with Fried Eggs and Shoko Leaves

Dundun, fried Yam, is one of the delicacies we have in Nigeria. It is also a popularly consumed street food and they are sometimes sold […]

Food, Safety and Lassa Fever 

  There is currently an outbreak of Lassa fever in Nigeria, Lagos to be precise. This outbreak has resulted in the death of two index […]

Street Food Alert: Fried Tilapia and Crabs

Street foods have become a very important part of our meals. They are ready-to-eat foods and beverages sold in public corners or hawked on the […]

Wara – The Local Cheese

Wara is a local unripened cheese commonly sold by the Nomadic Fulani of Nigeria. It is made traditionally by coagulating fresh cow milk using the […]

How To Identify Fruits Ripened With Calcium Carbide

Fruits are supposed to be a part of our daily meals. They provide the body with nutrients and other compounds that nourish, protect, maintain our […]

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