Sweet Potato Muffin

This morning, I decided to create a quick breakfast from sweet potato that infants, toddlers and even adults can enjoy. I decided to make a quick sweet potato muffin. The recipe is similar to that of the fish cake but without flour and sugar and it is oven-baked instead of being fried. This is something that I hope my Toddlers will enjoy.

From the food groups, I used: Sweet potato from my root and tuber group (sweet potato is often called a root vegetable); tomato, green vegetable (Amaranthus)and onions from my vegetable group; milk from the Dairy group; fish from the fleshy food group and Egg.

I boiled one medium sized sweet potato till it was soft. While that was on the fire, I mixed a tablespoon of milk in about 50mls of water and added black pepper, a little curry and thyme, and a pinch of salt. I chopped some onions and one small tomato finely, to improve the nutritional value, also, I washed and chopped about 6 leaves of green vegetable (Amaranthus).

The egg was broken into the milk (of course I broke it into a small container first to ensure that it was good) and it was all mixed together. When the sweet potato was done, it was mashed and the liquid ingredients as well as the vegetables were folded into it until it blended all together nicely.  Along with a tablespoon of oil, I also added some cooked and shredded Titus fish (Atlantic Mackerel) to improve the taste and increase protein content.

I used a spoon to scoop the flourless batter unto my greased foil and baked them in the oven for about 10-15 minutes.

Preparation time was just about 5 minutes.

I was able to do this in the morning and I made it in good time to avoid the early morning traffic and be at work.

It was a delicious handy meal. The veggies blended nicely with the sweet potato and I could not single them out. All the adults that I served samples loved them.

Because this was the first time I made it for my toddlers, I did not use it as their breakfast. I just packed it as a snack and I hope that it is something they like. I did try to give them a taste before leaving the house; only one of them accepted it.  I usually try new foods for them at weekends so that I can establish whether it appeals to them or not. You can try this, your children or even you might love it.

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