Sorghum Pasta Balls and Veggies

I was playing around with some of the grains that we have in Nigeria like Sorghum, Acha, and Millet. These foods are indigenous to us and we need to utilize them more often and more creatively to improve our nutrition.I processed them to ensure that the nutrients are more available when consumed and to make them into flour. I decided to make something unique with the flours. I chose pasta. Making home made pasta with wheat is not hard at all, it can just be time-consuming except if you have equipment that can make the process more efficient for you.

I decided to use sorghum to make pasta. I know that there are a few stores where you can get them but they can be costly.  When you try other flours to make pasta, you would understand why the world is stuck on wheat.

I was not aiming for spaghetti but at least a Maltagliati would have been okay but still I could not get that. So I decided to make them into balls. I should call them Robotini (smile).


They did not taste bad at all. It reminded me of Kokoro (the traditional corn snack) and I like Kokoro. The vegetable base I tossed the balls into made it more delicious.

So here is my Robotini (Wink).

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