5 ways Physical Activity can Impact Your Life

There are a number of things that you should do to keep your mind and body healthy and strong. Some of them include finding a purpose greater than yourself, eating healthy foods, staying positive and engaging in physical activity.

Physical activity is very important in the world that we live in today. In times past when vehicles and technological advancement were not common, people would walk or ride bicycles to their destinations. You had to work down to the post office to send a mail or to another department to get something across.

These days are different. We do not move as much because we have technology doing many things for us and many things are mechanized. This has an effect on our health.

Here are five ways that physical activity and exercise really impact your life:

  1. It Changes The Way That You Think

Those who engage more in physical activity are better thinkers. In today’s world, these better thinkers are those who are likely to be more successful because we are in the information age. Your brain and your ability to think creatively can, therefore, become your most important asset for wealth creation.

In addition to this, physical activity helps you sleep better. Science now tells us that Neurotoxins are removed from your brain when you sleep. Your brain is thus kept clean, healthy and clear for thinking better.

  1. It Changes The Way You Feel

How you feel is important in getting things done.  If you look at many advertisements, they appeal more to your emotions that any other senses. These get you to the shops to buy the products. It’s the same with physical activity or exercise; it can get you to feel great. When you feel great, you think better, make better judgment and you can be more productive in many areas of your life.

It has been scientifically proven that physical activity boosts your mood and can add to your confidence level. Physical activity and exercise also reduces your risk of depression.

  1. It Helps You Learn Better

Truly successful people are learners. These are people who are constantly trying to learn new things and better themselves. This is one area that Physical activity truly benefits. Exercise can help to improve your memory and help you learn better. According to scientists, one of the best gifts you can give to your brain is Exercise. This is because it helps your new neurons in your brain to survive. These new neurons are important for new learning and retaining your memory.

  1. It Reduces Your Risk Of Many Diseases

Diabetes, some cancers, diseases of the heart, obesity are some of the chronic diseases associated with low physical activity levels. Physical activity can actually keep your doctor away by reducing your blood pressure, keeping your weight under control, improve blood flow and it also strengthens your bones and muscles.



  1. It Reduces The Way You Age

Physical activity can delay the way that you age since it helps to keep chronic diseases away, and keeps you in good shape. It also reduces your risk of dementia, Alzheimer’s diseases and other old age diseases, reduces the risk of premature death and you have a better quality of life as you age.


The bottom line is that, there are not many choices in life that can impact your life the way physical activity and exercise does. I encourage you to engage in at least 30 minutes exercise in the mornings and experience this change in the way you think and feel the rest of the day.

You should also incorporate physical activity into your daily routines to make it a successful habit.

Do it for your health too. Physical activity and nutrition work hand in hand.  When you eat better and you engage in exercise, you live better.

Please note: Exercise is a form of physical activity that is planned and structured and can maintain your heart rate for a specific length of time. While you plan to do your exercise, also commit to being active during the rest of the day.

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