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Note To Self: Reduce Screen Time For Better Quality Of Sleep

“Reduce Screen time for better quality of sleep”. This is my current note to self and I thought to share this with you. I have […]

The Fight to Promote Breastfeeding

When it comes to determining the kinds of foods we eat, there are many factors that come into play. we think about our preferences, psychological […]

Best Way to Fast for Health

In the spiritual context, fasting is abstaining from food and/or drink for a specific period of time.  In the context of health, it is being […]

5 Ways Fasting Can Improve your Health

Some religions, particularly Christianity and Islam, have the practice of fasting. To them, Fasting is an act required for spiritual growth and to gain blessings. […]

Reviewing Your Health Goals for the Year

The second half of the year has already started. Companies, forward-thinking individuals and people who live deliberately take the time to review their goals. They […]

5 Important Reasons to include Legumes in your Meals

Legumes are plants or seeds of the Fabaceae Family. These are so popular all around the world for its many benefits, both for humans and […]

Dad’s Nutrition and Health Can Affect Health of Baby Too

It is well known that the health of a mother before conception and during pregnancy affects the health outcome of the baby. A mother who […]

How To Fact-check Nutrition and Health Information before Using and Sharing

Second of April is the International Fact-Checking Day and I thought it wise to share some wisdom about this before the week passes. There are […]

World Day for Social Justice: Social Justice and Nutrition

February 20 marks the World day for Social Justice. It is good to think about Social justice because it is at the centre of promoting […]

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do With Plastics

I am highlighting 5 things that you shouldn’t do with plastic. Plastics are synthetic materials used for diverse things. For this article, I am looking […]

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