Tropical Sweet Melon Cocopineapple Smoothie

Tropical Sweet Melon Cocopineapple Smoothie

I had been thinking about ways to utilize the Sweet Melon (also called Golden Melon) when a Nutrition expert and lecturer that I am privileged to know, told me about the Sweet Melon and coconut combo and I was inspired. Sweet Melon is the fruit in season. I just found out about one of the local names from a colleague who is a Northerner. She called it Gwanda Milo.

On my way home, I bought one Gwanda Milo (Sweet Melon), Coconut, and Pineapple. The coconut and pineapple is a very popular fruit combination that is generally loved so I decided to incorporate the Sweet Melon into that mix. Instead of the regular blend-all smoothie, I decided to use my Sweet Melon as the bowl. I removed the brown back of the coconut so that it would not influence the color of my smoothie and I blended it with some pineapple and some scoops of the Sweet Melon. I added some fresh mint leaves I have been growing to give it  a nice twist.

It was delicious and I got my family to eat some of the Sweet Melon which was my goal of making it in the first place; to encourage others to add variety to their foods.  So, thumbs up for me. Keeping it chilled before serving would have been the ultimate though. I am glad that I have found a way to use the Sweet Melon and I hope that you can create something nice too. I do not spend so much time to spend on these things because I have two toddlers who need attention and I still managed to get this done today. So, please try something different with the sweet Melon, increase your intake of fruits generally and be happy.


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