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Would you Add Ube (Bush pear) to your diet?

The Bush pear or African pear (Dacryodes edulis) goes by the local name ‘Ube’ in Nigeria. The purple-coloured fruit, however, has many other names such […]

2 Tangerines Can Meet Your Vitamin C Needs for the Day

Did you know that about 2 Tangerine fruits can meet your Vitamin C needs for the day? Tangerine is one of the Nigerian fruits in […]

Sweet Melon Cocoginger Smoothie

I have been on a sweet melon roll since I posted my Tropical Sweet Melon Cocopineapple smoothie. It really was a great smoothie. I still had […]

Tropical Sweet Melon Cocopineapple Smoothie

I had been thinking about ways to utilize the Sweet Melon (also called Golden Melon) when a Nutrition expert and lecturer that I am privileged […]

A Simple Mango Soup

Mango is still very much in season and there are a lot of foods and drinks that you can make out of it. Mangoes have […]

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