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World Breastfeeding Week 2017 Message

August 1-7 is the week dedicated to celebrating the world breastfeeding week. On the first, I was at Amuwo Odofin Maternal and Child Centre to […]

Ewedu – Jew’s Mallow or Jute Leaves

Ewedu, Jew’s Mallow soup, is often eaten with Amala and tomato/pepper stew (Omi Obe). Other variants of this would be to add the Gbegiri soup. […]

The Best State in Nigeria

There are countries and cities where life expectancy is the highest in the world. People in Japan, Singapore, Australia, and Switzerland are likely to live […]

Raise a Glass and Nourish a Child in Nigeria #WorldMilkDay

There are many days in the year when the world marks important issues that affect millions of people for the purpose of creating awareness about […]

9 Iron-Rich Foods for Infants and Toddlers in Nigeria

Iron is an important mineral for everyone – infants, toddlers, teenagers and adults especially women of reproductive age. This is because it has the important […]

Ground Brown Rice and Periwinkles 

Are you looking to cook something different for your infant? You can try this: Ground Brown Rice and Periwinkles. I bought ground brown rice at […]

4 Ways to Give Fruits to Your Infants and Toddlers 

One of the food groups to easily overlook when giving infants and toddlers their meal is the fruit group. Caregivers usually start out by giving […]

Sweet Potato Muffin

This morning, I decided to create a quick breakfast from sweet potato that infants, toddlers and even adults can enjoy. I decided to make a […]

Designing a Practical Meal Timetable for Your Infant and Toddler

Designing a meal timetable for your children that is practical makes life easier for a mother or caregiver in the long run. It does not […]

Acha Pottage with Mixed Vegetables

Including Acha in the meals for my toddlers was almost a smash. I wrote ‘almost’ because my older tolerates it while the younger loves it […]

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