Grilled Wara Salad

A Yoruba angel brought me a huge quantity of Wara and I had two things in mind to make with them. The first is a grilled Wara salad. I am used to adding imported cheese like feta cheese to my salads but they can be quite salty so I have dumped them. Wara is a different but nice replacement for the feta cheese for me.

I poured out the whey (liquid) in the nylon and I put the wara in boiling water. I allowed it to boil for at least five-ten minutes just to try to eliminate any ‘bad’ thing inside.

After this, I chopped some green chili peppers and onions and I mixed them with turmeric, a little portion of a bouillon cube, fresh rosemary and some oil. The mixture was used to toss the wara and I grilled them in the oven. The vegetables I had available were cucumber and carrots and that is what I used to make my salad. I did not prepare any dressing but you might make your own dressing if you decide to make this.

The grilled Wara tasted different from the boiled. You can try grilling wara and adding them to get a richer salad. There are also a number of wara recipes online. Check them out and try them.

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    • There are places like Oshodi where one can get Wara but I worry about the safety. I got this one from someone who went to Ibadan. If I ever find a good source in Lagos, I will let you know. It is important that we talk about these foods so that they do not disappear altogether.

  1. Lol @ eliminating bad thing inside😁. Nice one. I was thinking one can eat grilled wara in place of meat with your vegetable soup.


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