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Fermented Millet porridge/Hausa koko

Hausa Koko also called Pap is made from fermented whole millet grains. The calories in 100g of Hausa koko is 69kcals. NAMEAMOUNTUNITEnergy69kcalWater88gProtein0.9gFat0.8gCarbohydrate8.9gTotal Dietary Fibre 1.2gCalcium2mgIron1.9mgMagnesium4mgPhosphorus39mgPotassium17mgSodium0mgZinc0.18mgCopper0.04mgVitamin A RAE0mcgBeta-Carotene...

Fish of West Africa: Bonga fish

A lot of the fish we eat in West Africa are imported. Nigeria spends as much as $170 million on fish importation. We import...

8 ways to make Suya safer for consumption

Suya, the spicy skewered Meat, is one of the delicacies of West Africa. It can be made from beef, chicken, ram and innards of...
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A Must Try Recipe