Corn and Cucumber Salad

I got some fresh corn a couple of days ago and it was great to eat boiled corn again. I had some leftovers and I decided to make a corn salad.

It did not take much effort. The ingredients used were: boiled corn, spring onions, garlic, green chili, tomatoes, cucumber and dried cranberries.

I sauteed the spring onions, garlic and green chili in a fry pan with oil. I seasoned with a little salt, thyme, rosemary and curry. I added my boiled corn that had been removed from the cob and I stirred and allowed it to simmer before turning off the fire. I had just one tomato left at home so i just chopped it and added it to the corn. I also sliced my cucumber nicely and stirred into the corn also. Finely, I got to use a stash of dried cranberries that I had sitting in my freezer. I tossed a few into the salad and voila, it was ready.

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