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Murder at Jabi Lake


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Inspector Abubakar is an upstanding police officer whose life is simple and filled with routines. With a fervent desire to find a good woman to share his life, he stumbles out of his daily routine and into a crazy world where young women are being killed. As he grapples with his new responsibilities, Abubakar falls in love with a woman who could cut his heart into pieces.

Omolola Bickersteth, a television personality, is young, beautiful and ready to conquer the world. Doing what she knows how to do best – keeping everyone glued to the TV screen – she draws out a killer. While she goes to lengths to satisfy her curiosity and getting a good story for her show, Omolola finds herself falling in love with a police officer. She has to contend with the fact that she does not think much of police officers. Omolola battles with loving her man and respecting his occupation.

Abubakar is ready to jump through fire to keep Omolola safe but she is too opinionated to follow his advice. Can Abubakar keep her alive?

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