Infants Can Eat Mangoes Too

At 6 months, an infant should be given a variety of foods. This is the point where you expose your child to the amazing culinary world.This is quite an important activity and if you are going to do it, do it right. At 6 months, breast milk is not adequate anymore and you would even find on the formula milk tin that the milk is to be complemented with other foods for that baby (or something like that). Nutritionists do not really like to talk about infant formulas because we are supposed to be pro Bobi wata all the way and there are strong salient reasons for this but this is not the topic for today. So let us go to Mangoes.

So, in addition to other foods that you start your baby on, mangoes can come into the mix very easily. Very ripe mangoes are a delicious and nutritious snack for infants. They are sweet and have soft pulpy texture which can be pureed for infants at 6 months. They are easy to digest too.  Some varieties have a fibrous texture; I usually like to skip this type for this age group. As they grow older you can just dice them into nice cubes and let them suck on them or bite into them. You can also combine them with other fruits like banana and avocado which are also great for your baby. The earlier you start your babies on fruits and vegetables the more they get used to it and it becomes a habit to you and to them.

Please note that it is never enough to give a child just cereals; morning, afternoon and night. Granted, some babies put up a fight of their lives when they are being cajoled into eating something new. In fact, some of them just refuse blatantly to eat but there is reward for diligence I tell you.  Keep at it, be innovative, and get others to feed the baby if she profusely refuses to take it from you. Don’t give up. If you find out that your baby does not truly like mango and you have done everything in your power, move on to the next fruit and try again another day.

Also, check out for any allergic reaction when introducing something new. If you notice anything like rashes, and other signs of allergy (or anything weird going on) just stop giving that food and check with your Pediatrician and your Dietitian.

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  1. The fruit can also be blended into their cereals to give the cereals a fruity flavour. Mothers could try that to see if their infants would accept that.

    They can also make them into some kind of pudding or cakes e. g. Banana cake etc…

    The watch word like you have said is diligence and perseverance too!


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