Be Happy in 2019

Happy  New Year from Be Healthy Africa!!!

2019 is a great year already. I look forward to this year with great hope. We should also be poised to do our part to make it a great year and God in his wisdom will crown our efforts with success.

On this day Last year, I started by encouraging everyone to set health goals – eat better, do more physical activity – and I still hope that you made some effort and plan to do more this year.

This year, my message to you is “Be Happy”.

How can you achieve happiness?

Well, a research article I read last year said that to be happy, we need to increase the number of our positive experiences.

Examples of such experiences include being kind to people, giving someone a hug, achieving something that you have always wanted to achieve, giving from your resources, feeling better about yourself to mention a few.  When you do things like these, your attitude changes, your thinking changes and therefore your brain changes too. It also sets you on a path towards better mental and physical health.

To buttress on the example of giving, an important lesson that I have learnt from successful people is that “The more you give, the more you receive”. It is a principle of life and also a principle of success.  When you give, you become happier (and a happier person has a better attitude about his resources) and you get more.

Another nugget is that If you engage in ventures that solve problems for people or add value to people, your probability of ‘making it’ would be higher.  Providing solutions or adding value means that you will be making someone happy.

You can apply these principles/nuggets/research wisdom to the different areas of your life.

I therefore charge you on this day to be happy.  I wish you a truly happy year.

Do not forget to eat better and live better.

Yeside Adesiyun

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