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I am so excited that I have started this endeavor. This is because it has been burning in my mind for a long time. I have had discussions about it with different people and at different times but it never came to fruition. You know what they say about how talk is cheap (and if you are a Nigerian, the current value of naira is very very cheap) and also about how the grave yard is full of dreams, hopes and missions that were aborted. Well, I do not want that to be the story here. Emi na fe gba (I also want to collect) gold coins like the story in the bible. So, here I am, by the help of God’s grace, stepping unto this platform to help improve our nutrition.

I do not claim to be an embodiment of knowledge but I do have my background education in nutrition and public health. I also belong to a network with rich educational diversity (with regards to food and agriculture, nutrition and health), I am getting access to credible research works that have been carried out and I hope to increase my knowledge base as time goes on and I have all this to help me support you. This is also a learning experience for me.

There would certainly be criticisms and I would accept constructive ones. I say that there would be criticisms because sometimes, science challenges our norms and practices. Imagine me gathering information to tell you that the way you have been cooking and eating your Afang soup Is unhealthy (this is just an example to illustrate my point o and not a fact), I see how lovers of Afang soup and those who have been weaned on the sucking of periwinkles and eating of okazi leaves would come for me in my virtual car park carrying placards. I shudder from the thought. There are many good things about the way we cook and eat our foods and I will not hesitate to share this type of information also.

The Nigerian food world has come a long way from the days of using leaves to serve food routinely to these days of serving food with leaves as an art or craze. We also see infusions of culture in our foods that depicts changes from the traditional way to the ‘wazobia’ way or our fusion with other continental foods. You hear African Jamaican dishes and so on. We have a lot of people, young foodies creating phenomenal dishes. So, it’s safe to say that there is a huge Nigerian food world to explore. Join me as I do this.

I will do my best to make judicious use of information. That is my pledge to you.  Where research has not been carried out or I do not have access to them, I will work with best practices on similar areas.

I am excited to do this and I hope that you enjoy this journey with me.

Reference to the bible: Matthew 25 vs 14-30

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