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To Live Again, To Live for Gain – Story of a Rebirth 2

Part 1 of To Live Again, To live for Gain I got home at 11 pm. My parents had been worried. My mother looking crazed. They […]

To Live Again, To Live for Gain – Story of a Rebirth

I finally got my wedding photo book today. Gracious goodness! My dear husband and I look absolutely breathtaking in the pictures. TY Bamidele is a […]

Unbridled 3

3 My quick trip to the children’s room was not as fast as I had hoped. Mama T was sitting by Izzy’s bed tickling her […]

Unbridled 2

I woke up feeling unrested. I had looked forward to a restful weekend but the thoughts and conversations of last night came back to me. […]


My life took an exciting turn when I began flying from Lagos to Abuja every other week.  Sometimes, I also travel from Abuja to Kaduna, […]

My Art – A Sequel to The Arts of My Life

Previously on the Arts of my Life The Arts of my Life 1 and the Arts of my Life 2 I am still 30 years […]

The Arts of My Life 2

  The chief matron was passing by and saw her. “Nurse Okonkwo,” she shouted out at her.  “Is that how to act around a Senior […]

The Arts of My Life 1

At 30 years of age, my main ambition was to get married. I know that some progressive women will say, ‘how can that be your […]

#Say or Nay – Part 2

  I am certain that you all can imagine the suspense I am experiencing. It is absolutely horrendous for me. My life feels like a […]

#Say or Nay

I am sitting down at a quiet restaurant waiting for Wale to show up. We planned to have the day to ourselves although I have […]

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