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Fermented Millet porridge/Hausa koko

Hausa Koko also called Pap is made from fermented whole millet grains. The calories in 100g of Hausa koko is 69kcals. NAMEAMOUNTUNITEnergy69kcalWater88gProtein0.9gFat0.8gCarbohydrate8.9gTotal Dietary Fibre 1.2gCalcium2mgIron1.9mgMagnesium4mgPhosphorus39mgPotassium17mgSodium0mgZinc0.18mgCopper0.04mgVitamin A RAE0mcgBeta-Carotene...

Indigenous Breakfast Meal: Tapioca Pudding

One of the gifts I got during the week was Tapioca. Tapioca pudding is something that I ate during my childhood days and while...
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A Must Try Recipe