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Life’s Laboratory Part 2

Life’s Laboratory Part 1 Amaka and Yemisi were head to head, chatting away while Chif and Yomi walked to Yomi’s study. Nkem followed them with […]

Life’s Laboratory

Life never fails to pose a challenge as long as we remain in this world. However, our attitudes, decisions, and environments to a large extent […]

Unbridled 3

3 My quick trip to the children’s room was not as fast as I had hoped. Mama T was sitting by Izzy’s bed tickling her […]

Unbridled 2

I woke up feeling unrested. I had looked forward to a restful weekend but the thoughts and conversations of last night came back to me. […]


My life took an exciting turn when I began flying from Lagos to Abuja every other week.  Sometimes, I also travel from Abuja to Kaduna, […]

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