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6 Reasons Your Infants May Not be Getting Enough Nutrients

Did you know that only about 10% of Nigerian children are fed according to the recommended infant and young child feeding practices? Did you also […]

Ground Brown Rice and Periwinkles 

Are you looking to cook something different for your infant? You can try this: Ground Brown Rice and Periwinkles. I bought ground brown rice at […]

Designing a Practical Meal Timetable for Your Infant and Toddler

Designing a meal timetable for your children that is practical makes life easier for a mother or caregiver in the long run. It does not […]

Feeding Your Infant from 6 months: Portion Size and Frequency of Meals

Many of us of can gauge what we eat by eyeballing a plate of food. Experienced mothers or caregivers also do the same for their […]

Factors That Affect Food Variety in Your Infant’s Meals

My last post  was about diversifying your baby’s meals. Serving a variety of foods to your infant ensures that your baby is getting good nourishment. […]

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