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Pumpkin Palm Fruit Soup

  This Pumpkin palm fruit soup is something that I thought of on the spur of the moment. I had extracts of the palm fruit […]

Sweet Melon Cocoginger Smoothie

I have been on a sweet melon roll since I posted my Tropical Sweet Melon Cocopineapple smoothie. It really was a great smoothie. I still had […]

Efo Riro Banh mi (Efo Riro Sandwich): A Vietnamese-Nigerian Fusion 

Have you ever wondered if there was more to Efo riro than just eating it with rice or ‘swallow’? Well, wonder no more. What you have […]

Corn and Cucumber Salad

I got some fresh corn a couple of days ago and it was great to eat boiled corn again. I had some leftovers and I […]

Pan-fried Wara Sandwich

This is the last of my Wara chronicles for now. Just before the last batch of my Wara finished (I had them frozen), I decided […]

Grilled Wara Salad

A Yoruba angel brought me a huge quantity of Wara and I had two things in mind to make with them. The first is a […]

Ground Brown Rice and Periwinkles 

Are you looking to cook something different for your infant? You can try this: Ground Brown Rice and Periwinkles. I bought ground brown rice at […]

Yassa – A Stew You Can Cook When You Do Not Have Much At Home

    There are times when you have been so busy with little time to go shopping for food and the mouths you feed always […]

Sweet Potato Muffin

This morning, I decided to create a quick breakfast from sweet potato that infants, toddlers and even adults can enjoy. I decided to make a […]

Frejon: The Good Friday Meal

  I grew up eating Frejon on good Fridays. I used to ask myself what was good about the Fridays when we are focusing on […]

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